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Combined Heat and Power

Combined heat and power (CHP) is one of the most efficient methods of energy utilization. Over 90% of energy can be channelled back into efficient use. It is a highly cost-effective solution that brings many benefits.

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Tutto Scambiatori di calore a piastre Scambiatori di calore raffreddati ad aria a tubi / batteria alettati

From waste heat to efficient heating

When it comes to cogeneration applications, Alfa Laval develops a full range of heat exchanger products, such as air heat exchangers (AHEs), gasketed plate heat exchangers (GPHEs) and copper brazed plate heat exchangers (BHEs) that deliver the most energy-efficient solutions. We offer a partnership that includes all our knowledge, resources and engineering proficiency, through reliable and future-proof solutions that you can depend on wherever you are in the world.

Alfa Laval in combined heat and power systems

Alfa Laval provides components for efficient cooling in a typical spark-ignition gas engine CHP system.


 Remote radiator / Double circuit dry cooler

Alfa Laval provides a full range of air heat exchangers (AHE) that are ideal as remote radiators in a genset/combined heat and power system. Products chosen for this duty include either the table-type or the V-type AHEs.  

Jacket water cooling

For jacket water cooling, high-temperature (HT) circuit, Alfa Laval offersgasketed plate heat exchangers (PHE), brazed plate heat exchangers (BHE) and fusion bonded heat exchangers (FHE). These heat exchangers effectively recover the heat generated in the HT circuit and, at the same time, cool the circuit temperature.  

Lube oil cooling

The low-temperature (LT) circuit, also called lube oil circuit, is efficiently cooled with the full range of Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers, including, but not limited to, gasketed plate heat exchangers (PHE), brazed plate heat exchangers (BHE) and fusion bonded heat exchangers (FHE).  These heat exchangers effectively recover the heat generated in the LT circuit and, at the same time, cool the circuit temperature.


Preventivo per Combined Heat and Power