Recupero del combustibile di risulta

Waste fuel oil is a potentially energy rich mix of fuel oil, water and suspended particles. Alfa Laval PureDry is the only solution for separating these three streams, which it does so effectively that the recovered oil can be reused as fuel.

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Reusable fuel from oily waste

Alfa Laval PureDry is a compact, highly effective separation system for waste oil. When fuel oil waste is segregated from lube oil waste at an engine power installation, it can recover quality fuel for use in the diesel engines or boilers.

By recovering a substantial amount of fuel, PureDry enables power plant operators to gain considerable revenues. In addition, it virtually eliminates the oily waste for disposal, reducing it to super-dry solids. In some cases, the resulting savings on disposal costs are even greater than the fuel savings.

Easy to install in any convenient location, the system has a reliable design with only two main moving parts: an outer bowl shell and a spiral-shaped insert.