Olive oil production

Olive oil is a delicate, natural product that can be produced in numerous different ways. The basics are the same, but each company’s production specifics, processing complexities and priorities are different. Alfa Laval has the capabilities to suit your needs. We supply olive oil production solutions that ensure cost-effectiveness, documented reliability and any combination of technological capabilities, product specifications and quality level that your particular operation requires.

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Batch production

Producers operating on a limited scale and focused on artisan-quality oils can encounter large variations in the type, volume and quality of their locally sourced olives. Alfa Laval offers a wide range of equipment designed specifically to meet these challenges in batch and small-scale production.

Industrial-scale production

Producing large quantities of olive oil means maintaining reliable, highly efficient continuous production with high yield and consistent product quality. Alfa Laval can help you meet these challenges while simultaneously shrinking your environmental impact and operating costs.


Caso di successo: De Carlo

Negli ultimi 50 anni, il produttore di olio d'oliva a conduzione familiare De Carlo di Bitritto, in Italia, ha utilizzato gli impianti di produzione di olio d'oliva Alfa Laval, tra cui l'ultima Sigma 6 appositamente progettata per i piccoli frantoi. Guarda il video per vedere come migliorano la qualità del loro olio d'oliva, ottimizzare i costi e ridurre il consumo dì'acqua.

Caso di sucesso: Sociedad Agricola Ouro Vegetal (SAOV)

In questo video, la pluripremiata produttrice portoghese di olio d'oliva Sociedad Agricola Ouro Vegetal (SAOV) rivela come affrontano le maggiori sfide degli ultimi 3-4 anni, ovvero per far fronte al recente aumento della produzione extra mantenendo un elevato livello di qualità standard per il loro olio d'oliva.


Improving your everyday processes

Master millers know that every part of their processing – from olive reception to storage of the oil – can always be improved. Optimizing your yield, improving phenols and aromatic components, or minimizing your water and energy consumption can significantly boost your bottom line over time. Take advantage of our innovative solutions and years of industry experience to avoid common issues and improve each process step in the extraction process.

Paste preparation and oil extraction

Olive Oil Packaging


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