Benefits from using genuine Alfa Laval Spare Parts

Maintaining your process equipment in good working order is the key to productivity. By servicing them on a regular basis and using genuine Alfa Laval Spare Parts, you ensure peak performance and minimize the risk of unscheduled production stops.

DATA 2017-08-25

Prolungare le prestazioni grazie al portafoglio di servizi a 360° Alfa Laval

Il nostro ampio portafoglio di servizi offre tutti i servizi di cui avrete bisogno per ottenere dalle apparecchiature Alfa Laval le migliori prestazioni migliori e la massima continuità ed efficienza operativa per l’intero ciclo di vita. La competenza del nostro team dedicato e la disponibilità di ricambi vi permetteranno di dormire sonni tranquilli.

Ulteriori informazioni sul portafoglio di servizi a 360° Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval plates make a big difference

When comparing performance of non-genuine plates to Alfa Laval plates, it was revealed that non-Alfa Laval plates are manufactured with less precision and lower quality.
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How to avoid corrosion and cracking of plates

Two plate heat exchangers suffered from corrosion and cracking as a result of using non-Alfa Laval adhesives. New plates, gaskets and glue had to be purchased.
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Effects and risks of using non-Alfa Laval gaskets

An investigation for evaluating non-original gasket quality revealed that they are manufactured with less precision and lower quality than genuine Alfa Laval gaskets.
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Cracking up under strain

An Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger was regasketed with non-Alfa Laval gaskets. Short after, leakages were detected in conjunction with over 50% of the plates. All plates and gaskets had to be replaced.
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Leaking throughout the plate pack

All plates in an Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger were regasketed with non-Alfa Laval gaskets. Shortly after, leakage was detected. Examinations revealed poor quality of the non-Alfa Laval parts.
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