Boiler feedwater preheating

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When building a new power plant, a Chinese power company installed an Alfa Laval DuroShell to preheat boiler feedwater. The DuroShell uses heat from condensed steam to heat the feedwater, thereby increasing the boiler efficiency.

The compact size and high thermal efficiency were the main reasons for the company to choose DuroShell. The unit is easy to operate and control with traditional liquid-level control systems, and the close temperature approach ensures that feedwater is heated as much as possible.

The superior thermal efficiency makes DuroShell very compact. In fact, it is up to five times smaller than a comparable shell-and-tube unit, resulting in lower costs for equipment and installation structures. And with the ability to perform condensation and subcooling in one unit, DuroShell further reduces installation space and costs.


  • Maximum preheating of the boiler feedwater
  • Compact solution and easy installation

Alfa Laval DuroShell RollerCoasterRollerCoaster

Robust and efficient performance

A patented plate pattern optimizes thermal efficiency with improved fatigue resistance, flow distribution and mechanical strength. 

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Alfa Laval DuroShell PowerPackPowerPack

Optimized flow distribution and fatigue resistance

Patented design enables improved fluid distribution, mechanical strength and unparalleled fatigue resistance. 

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