Continuous quality with minimal service requirements

Alfa Laval DuroShell is specifically designed for self-sufficient performance. By getting the engineering right from the beginning, we create a solution that needs virtually no maintenance.

The closed approach is best

Many plate-and-shell heat exchangers are presented as openable solutions, which might seem like an advantage. But while opening allows visual inspection and superficial cleaning, it also means risk.

Creating an openable heat exchanger introduces design weaknesses that can lead to problems down the road. While acceptable for lighter duties, an openable heat exchanger can never offer the same lifetime or pressure performance as a fully welded solution like Alfa Laval DuroShell.

Less maintenance

Like all plate-and-shells, DuroShell involves far less maintenance than labour-intensive shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Complicated manual cleaning is replaced by backflushing, or ideally by simple Cleaning-in-Place. In fact, DuroShell involves less maintenance than other plate-and-shells. The plates’ roller coaster pattern creates high turbulence at all media velocities, which prevents fouling even with slightly more difficult media. There is no need for the heat exchanger to be openable for cleaning, which would introduce design weaknesses and increase the risk of failure.

Lasting innovation

Everything about DuroShell is designed to keep it in operation, so that your process stays uninterrupted. From its exceptional fatigue resistance to the anti-fouling properties of its roller coaster plate pattern, it applies all the lessons learned in decades of heat transfer experience.
We then size and configure DuroShell for your specific duty. The result needs far less attention than a traditional shell-and-tube, and it lasts far longer than any conventional plate-and-shell – as much as 10 years or more. 

Alfa Laval DuroShell ALOnsiteALOnsite

Qualified support at your facility

True onsite service by skilled engineers, anywhere in the world.

Ensuring performance

As a comprehensive supplier of process equipment, Alfa Laval has an equally comprehensive service offering. But when it comes to DuroShell, two services are all you need: 

  • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) 
    DuroShell resists fouling and can easily be backflushed, but keeping it clean with CIP maintains peak thermal performance. When connected to the heat exchanger, the CIP unit circulates a gentle, biodegradable agent that removes accumulation on the plates.
  • Alfa Laval Performance Audit 
    An Alfa Laval Performance Audit is a thorough analysis that determines DuroShell’s exact level of thermal efficiency. Using the results, Alfa Laval service engineers can predict a potential failure and propose steps to ensure that uptime is never at risk.