Designed for demanding petrochemical duties

Petrochemical plants rely on heat exchangers in a number of critical positions. But traditional shell-and-tubes and even conventional plate-and-shells are unable to provide reliable performance in many applications due to material fatigue. As an extremely durable and efficient solution, Alfa Laval DuroShell minimizes risk while creating new process possibilities.

DuroShell for petrochemical production

DuroShell is a very versatile heat exchanger, with flexibility that makes it suitable for numerous applications that have high-temperature or high-pressure demands. Example positions for DuroShell include:

DuroShell as a batch reactor cooler/heater

High fatigue resistance

Batch reactors often need to be both heated and cooled during production processes, which can result in high fatigue for heat exchangers regulating temperature. DuroShell’s superior fatigue resistance and durable design make it a perfect choice for these types of duties.

Precise temperature control

The small hold-up volume in a DuroShell increases the precision of reactor temperature control and allows for rapid temperature changes. This can be beneficial, for example, when switching between heating during the initiation of the reaction and cooling once the reaction has started.

Lower costs for heating, cooling and installation

DuroShell can operate with lower grade steam, warmer cooling water or less cooling water than both shell-and-tube and conventional plate-and-shell heat exchangers. This is thanks to the small temperature approach and the possibility to operate with crossing temperatures. The high thermal efficiency results in a very compact unit, which in turn lowers installation costs.

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Interchanger and process heat integration

Preheating streams with waste heat is an easy way to improve energy efficiency in a petrochemical plant. The incoming stream can be heated with the heat from the outgoing stream (interchanger or feed/effluent heat exchanger) or using heat from another unit operation (process heat integration).

Maximum heat recovery

Thanks to the ability to operate with crossing temperatures and a small temperature approach, DuroShell can maximize heat recovery, resulting in a number of clear benefits:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced cooling needs
  • Debottlenecking and increased production
  • Minimized utility investments for boilers and cooling systems
Long temperature programmes

DuroShell can operate with multi-pass configurations, meaning that the shell-side flow can pass through the heat exchanger multiple times. As a result, the temperature programme can be longer than those of conventional plate-and-shell heat exchangers.

Minimum fouling

The highly turbulent flow in a DuroShell helps reduce fouling. This means that for duties where shell-and-tube and conventional plate-and-shells require mechanical cleaning, DuroShell can operate without any maintenance aside from a simple-to-operate cleaning-in-place cycle.

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Steam-driven preheater

Longer lifetime

Fatigue is often a problem for steam-driven preheaters with intermittent heating. Compared to shell-and-tube and conventional plate-and-shell heat exchangers, using a DuroShell in this position can double the expected lifecycle.

Compact unit

A DuroShell heat exchanger is up to five times smaller than a comparable shell-and-tube heat exchanger thanks to its high thermal efficiency. This lowers costs for both the heat exchanger and installation structures.

Use lower grade steam

Thanks to DuroShell’s close temperature approach, it is often possible to use lower grade steam compared to other types of heat exchangers. This saves energy and frees up possibilities to use the higher grade steam for other purposes, such as increasing production.

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Overhead condenser

The perfect condenser

For condensing duties, DuroShell offers an excellent choice. The short heat transfer area ensures a low pressure drop, making it possible to optimize production rate. And the superior thermal efficiency of a DuroShell makes for a very compact unit, allowing for installation on top of a column with a minimum of support structures.

Condensing and subcooling in the same unit

With a DuroShell, it is possible to perform condensation and subcooling in the same unit. This saves installation costs as well as preventing flash gas from forming downstream.

Extra safety margin

Thanks to its close temperature approach, a DuroShell can perform condensing duties using warmer cooling water than a shell-and-tube or conventional plate-and-shell heat exchanger. This can be a valuable safety margin on hot summer days when the cooling water is hotter than usual, ensuring production continues as expected.

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Liquid-driven reboiler

Maximum heat recovery

Using recovered heat to drive a reboiler is a straightforward way of increasing a plant’s energy efficiency. DuroShell can be configured to run with a very close temperature approach. This enables reboiler operation using heat from streams with much lower temperatures than a shell-and-tube would require, maximizing potential energy recovery.

Less maintenance

The unique cut-wing plates give DuroShell a better flow distribution than conventional plate-and-shell heat exchangers. Thanks to its patented plate pattern, DuroShell also has a much more turbulent flow than shell-and-tubes. The total result is less fouling and reduced maintenance needs, as well as higher heat transfer performance. An occasional cleaning-in-place cycle is all the maintenance a DuroShell requires.

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Alfa Laval DuroShell RollerCoasterRollerCoaster

Robust and efficient performance

A patented plate pattern optimizes thermal efficiency with improved fatigue resistance, flow distribution and mechanical strength. 

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Alfa Laval DuroShell PowerPackPowerPack

Optimized flow distribution and fatigue resistance

Patented design enables improved fluid distribution, mechanical strength and unparalleled fatigue resistance. 

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