Designed for demanding duties in the power industry

Heat exchangers fulfil a number of critical positions in the power industry. And they are increasingly being called on to provide greater efficiency under more demanding conditions. As an extremely durable and compact solution, Alfa Laval DuroShell saves space while creating new process possibilities.

DuroShell in the power industry

DuroShell is a very versatile heat exchanger, with flexibility that makes it suitable for numerous applications that have high-temperature or high-pressure demands. Example positions for DuroShell include:

Boiler feed water heater

Preheating boiler feed water using heat from steam extracted between turbine stages helps increase the overall efficiency of a power plant.

Easy to operate and control with traditional liquid-level control systems, DuroShell is well suited for this type of duty. The close temperature approach ensures that feedwater is heated as much as possible.

The superior thermal efficiency makes DuroShell very compact. In fact, it is up to five times smaller than a comparable shell-and-tube unit, resulting in lower costs for equipment and installation structures. And with the ability to perform condensation and subcooling in one unit, DuroShell further reduces installation space and costs.

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District heat condensing

Added revenue

Power plants around the world have found a new source of income by selling their waste heat to district heating networks. Instead of cooling off low grade heat in cooling towers, the heat is instead used for district heating and adds revenue.

Maximum heat recovery

A DuroShell heat exchanger can be configured to operate with a very small temperature approach and can perform condensation and subcooling in one unit. This maximizes heat recovery while minimizing investment costs. Compared to a bulky shell-and-tube, DuroShell recovers more heat and only takes up a fraction of the space.

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ORC applications

DuroShell offers very attractive payback times compared to shell-and-tube heat exchangers when used in Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) applications. It can be used both as a reboiler and as a condenser.

ORC reboiler

DuroShell’s ability to operate with crossing temperatures and a small temperature approach means the waste heat from the liquid that drives the reboiler is used for evaporating the ORC process fluid to the greatest extent possible.
DuroShell easily handles the asymmetry in the duty, with a small flow on the plate side (waste heat stream) and large flow on the shell side (process fluid being evaporated).

ORC condenser

DuroShell’s short heat transfer ensures a low pressure drop, which minimizes pumping needs. Its excellent heat transfer capabilities result in a compact unit and allow for condensing the vapour and subcooling the condensate in the same unit. This saves installation costs and prevents flash gas from forming downstream.

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Fuel gas heater

Preheating liquid boiler fuel is important for ensuring optimum boiler performance. It both lowers the fuel viscosity for more even distribution and increases flammability.
Preheating is often done using an electric heater, but a more economical way is to use waste heat, such as low pressure steam or hot condensate. DuroShell offers a perfect option for this duty. Thanks to its outstanding efficiency, most of the waste heat is transferred to the fuel stream, and the highly turbulent flow minimizes fouling and maintenance needs for greater uptime.

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Gland steam condenser

DuroShell offers strong benefits when used as a gland steam condenser.

Firstly it is very compact thanks to its high heat transfer efficiency, resulting in low installation costs.

Secondly it uses less cooling water than a shell-and-tube heat exchanger due to its ability to operate with crossing temperatures and its small temperature approach.
In large power plants with multiple gland steam condensers these benefits quickly adds up to substantial savings.

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Auxiliary applications

DuroShell is a very good choice for many different auxiliary positions in a power plant. Every duty where fatigue resistance, durability, high heat transfer and compact size are important factors, DuraShell is a natural choice.

One example is boiler blowdown coolers. These heat exchangers are subject to very rapid, fatigue-inducing temperature changes. DuroShell was designed for the highest possible fatigue resistance and handles temperature-induced fatigue up to twice as good as other types of heat exchangers.

DuroShell’s compact size ensures low installations costs and easy installation.

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Alfa Laval DuroShell RollerCoasterRollerCoaster

Robust and efficient performance

A patented plate pattern optimizes thermal efficiency with improved fatigue resistance, flow distribution and mechanical strength. 

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Alfa Laval DuroShell PowerPackPowerPack

Optimized flow distribution and fatigue resistance

Patented design enables improved fluid distribution, mechanical strength and unparalleled fatigue resistance. 

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