FCM LNG is designed to condition and treat liquefied natural gas (LNG) according to the specifications of ME-GI dual fuel engines. These engines are an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution, and FCM LNG ensures that they’re provided with the fuel in the most optimal condition.

fuel conditioning

Cleaner fuel, leaner operational costs

  • Offers superior engine protection due to the proper treatment of LNG, and the automated process ensures consistency
  • Easy-to-use, fully enclosed system which is automated and fully integrated with the ship’s fuel gas supply system
  • Engineered with safety as a priority, FCM LNG has been tested extensively in tough conditions and is safe against overpressure
  • Flexible and modular systems mean you get the right solution for your needs, with an optimal footprint
  • Low operating costs from the use of market-leading technology

Alfa Laval FCM LNG is an automated fuel gas supply system which ensures ME-GI dual fuel engines are fed with LNG in the right conditions, at the right time. The system is user-friendly, with a touch-screen interface and full automation saving your crew time and manual effort. It’s a carefully designed system which includes only the most efficient equipment, in the smallest possible form.