Alfa Laval FCM LPG is the first proven solution on the market capable of efficiently feeding LPG fuelled engines. This alternative fuel is sulphur-free, which essentially eliminates SOx emissions. This means that the marine industry is becoming more interested in using LPG engines, and Alfa Laval have the optimal solution for handling the fuel.

fuel conditioning module

Make a stress-free switch to LPG propulsion

  • Module designed from the ground up to serve the requirements of LPG engines, and is ready to operate with ammonia as an alternative
  • Automatic control of the LPG fuel conditioning, safety functions, and of the start/stop procedure
  • Modular plug-and-play solution that can be easily adapted to different deck layouts and process conditions
  • Turn-key skid mounted solution which allows for easy installation
  • FCM LPG is independent from the cargo handling system
Proven, efficient and flexible, Alfa Laval FCM LPG is ready to handle your next fuel conditioning challenges, and help you towards a sulphur-free future. This modern module is equipped with a dedicated automation system, along with a 15” touch screen panel for an intuitive user experience. The booster works in a closed loop with the engine to ensure that your cargo is protected at all times, making this the ideal solution for any application.