Training for freshwater generators

The better your crew knows how to use and maintain your Alfa Laval freshwater generator, the better the results you can expect from it. Alfa Laval Training Services for freshwater generators provide understanding that can increase uptime and optimize performance.

What we do

Through Alfa Laval Training Services, our experts raise the competence level of your crew, expand their skill sets and motivate them to optimize freshwater generator performance. Our training courses combine product and application basics with service instruction and hands-on training exercises. This is especially important when a new freshwater generator is installed, or when an older installation is redesigned.

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  • Improve crew knowledge
  • Optimize equipment performance and lifetime
  • Increase safety and production reliability
  • Plan and conduct maintenance at the right intervals
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs

Scope of service

Alfa Laval Training Services are provided by highly qualified Alfa Laval service engineers with deep freshwater generator and process knowledge. Whether standard or customized, they offer an effective mix of practical and theoretical elements. Typical courses include:

  • Start-up training
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting training
  • Process training

Depending on your specific needs, the courses can last one, two or five days. Courses can be arranged:

  • On your vessel or site
  • At your local Alfa Laval office
  • At your regional Alfa Laval training centre

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