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The latest release

The Alfa Laval T25 models are the latest addition to our line of highly efficient gasketed plate heat exchangers. They are packed with all of our advanced features to offer reliability with state-of-the-art performance in a broad range of industries. With the flexibility to handle a wide variety of applications, they can also be easily reconfigured to handle new duties as needed.

T25 facing left

Alfa Laval T25-B

The Alfa Laval T25-B heat exchanger is specially engineered for applications that require the closest temperature range approach and high pressure. Thanks to efficient features such as CurveFlow™, T25-B ensures uniform media flow across the entire plate for exceptional heat transfer and pressure performance even in the most demanding industrial applications. As a result, T25-B is particularly suitable for HVAC cooling applications, including in data centres or as a pressure breaker in high-rise buildings. With high thermal efficiency and a minimized risk of fouling, it can offer benefits in many other industries as well.

Upgrade to the new standard of efficiency

Businesses currently operating T25-B’s predecessor – MX25-B – now have the possibility to increase thermal efficiency without having to replace their entire unit. All it takes is an upgrade to the next-generation plate package.

Upgrading to new plates increases efficiency and enables significant long-term savings. In addition to cutting your power bill, you save on both space and spare parts costs since your heat exchanger can operate with fewer plates. The minimized risk of fouling also translates to reduced maintenance expenses.

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Next release

In early 2018, Alfa Laval will introduce the Alfa Laval T25-P model, which offers a durable and flexible heat transfer solution for industrial processes. The T25-P is made for performing under the toughest conditions without sacrificing requirements for high energy efficiency or aspirations to minimize environmental impact.  
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